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If they had you would see a much more progressive message and major push of candidates with working class and equality based anti-corruption messages.Once you do know how to move forward pain and confusion fade away.Is there a way I can get the password or log in without this step or even.To point to anything other than the things you can directly influence (which were sufficient to swing this election) is so obnoxious.Nineteen Eighty-Four, often published as 1984, is a dystopian novel published in 1949 by English author George Orwell.

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For example, check out the page for the widely beloved bad sci-fi novel Dune.Fuck moral victories when the well being of hundreds of millions are involved.As a 14 year old and relatively up to date with the political environment (compared to adults, especially Trump voters) I find that public school education is VERY underwhelming.

This is a copy of my Introduction in the Discussion forum of So You Want To Write A Novel.Between gerrymandering and vote suppression, we might end up just like Russia.

That one excerpt were she calls Bernie supporting universal healthcare to promising ponies to people was so disgusting and out of touch.Not knowing what to do next in your life can be confusing and a painful experience.So you know what, go fuck your demand that I vote for a deeply flawed candidate.This subreddit is part of the political revolution as envisioned by Senator Bernie Sanders, a movement to promote activism, raise support and awareness for progressive candidates and issues.

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This propublica article lists some of the times that she did turn a blind eye to Wall Street malpractices.All those who were on the sidelines or feared a Trump presidency are comfortable with Trump 2020.

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She was the clear corporate candidate choice of all of the candidates running.How to Binge Watch All The Television That Matters It is physically impossible to watch every episode of every good TV show.And then as the primaries went on things got shady and hillary cheated her way to the finish line I was honestly worried for our country.If a reluctant reader lives at your house, a bit of sympathy is in order.

Further. it was well known (also confirmed via Wikileaks) that Larry summers was a trusted advisor for the Clinton camp.She has some sort of cognitive dissonance, in a best case scenario.It seems an essential question to aspiring writers, who are eager to.

This is why I feel that she and her campaign manager deserve the blame.

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The Clintons get rich selling books (like this one) and giving speeches.I quit the party last May, and nothing has happened since then that has caused me to doubt my choice.

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In a plot twist that no one saw coming, the same Mnuchin whom Kamala Harris gave a free pass to ended up contributing to her Senate bid in 2016.A Multiple Viewpoint Novel is one in which two or. the next six chapters from Mary.I could smell English Leather shaving lotion and stale tobacco, and.

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Even soured some of his own base trying to campaign for her and not cause a scene at the DNC.

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While I consider myself a fast learner, I feel that everyone who has the heart to learn extra would find themselves miles ahead of the school level curriculum.That book has shown me she has just as much maturity as her friend Trump has.

Especially coming from a powerful world famous multimillionaire, as if anyone pities you for not becoming the most powerful human on the planet.They could see I was only voting for her because of Trump and not because I really was excited and passionate for the future she was wanting to build.But it is disingenuous, at that point, to suggest that you are a party representing the wishes of the workers.More Bernie supporters voted for her than Clinton supporters voted for Obama.

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And these guys served successive administrations -- from Bush I, through Clinton, and then Bush 2, and Obama.

You have no redeeming qualities, you are not wanted, and you will never regain a shred of your power or perceived dignity.Probably focused on protecting her legacy, since losing to DT is pretty notable.