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This study was aimed at investigating the causes of poor academic performance and to establish the strategies that can be adopted to improve performance in.This therefore has noticeable adverse effect on the teaching and performance of economics in senior secondary school.Its focus is on the behaviour of the individuals organizations and institutional in the economy.If these causes are not dealt with, such students would continue to swim in poor performance.This is because the man with this certificate is believed to have got enough exposition to enable him cope with the academic problems in our secondary schools.By utility is meant that the amount of satisfaction derived from consumption of a commodity at a particular time.

The researcher agreed with Okeke because if students are not giving a maximum relationship from their teacher, their performance will be very poor.Unqualified economics teachers made teaching of economics unattractive and non-enjoyable to students thereby causes poor performance in economics subject.


This chapter deals with discussion, conclusion, educational implication, recommendations limitations to the study, summary of the study and suggestion for further studies.Then text the name of the Project topic, email address and your names to 08060565721.


As a result of this poor performance, stakeholders in education are curious to know the causal factors associated with the problem.FOR COMPLETE PROJECT CALL 07064961036 ABSTRACT This study focuses is on causes of poor academic performance of pupils in the school.Student decline in performance in economics constitute a burden in the progress in the advancement of those basic benefit, which should accrue or gain from economics subject.For your school to. behaviors and poor academic performance on.Students lack of interest in economics affect their performances in the subject.It is dangerous for the teacher to take this stand about motivation.

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According to Olaitan (1982) stated that some teachers believed that students have no business aping teachers private habits.Chapter three deals with methodology which includes the design of the study, area, population, sample and sampling techniques, instrument for data collection, validation, administration, method of data analysis and decision rule.Economics is useful because it helps the economists to translate their assumptions into graphical form.Lord John Maynard Keyness (a famous economist) once wrote, the ideas of economics are of great value to governments, the National leaders and policy makers use economic ideas extensively on matter concerning unemployment and inflation, economics growth and productivity, taxation and public expenditures, international trade and balance of payment enables a consumer to make rational decision with regard to maximizing his total satisfaction.He may define it or say that economic teaches demand and supply only.Factors contributing towards poor performance of Grade. of academic performance in urban and rural. the problems that influence poor school performance by the.

Effect Of Improvised Materials In Teaching And Learning Biology In Secondary Schools Adesina (1985:55) further said that poor motivation of students in a subject, made students not to have a clear understanding of what is being learned or taught.Economics is useful because it prepares students and individuals to contribute positively to rapid economic development of the nation.

Ogalanya (2004) motivation strategies, good teaching method, available instructional material and encouragement.The researcher teachers factor in teaching are to stimulate learning as well as guiding, correcting the activities of students.To place an order for the Complete Project Material, pay N5,000 to.The problem is however, compounded in the Nigerian situation due to the fact the only recommended textbooks is theoretical with little or no relationship to experimental learning.

The study of economics is very important because it deals with matter concerning us as individual like family matters, political decision business affairs, crucial issues challenging the society and the nation.He stressed that under the students preference when choosing electives subject in a broad sense, History, Geography, music, Agriculture are more frequently chosen for the fear that economic is a difficult subject.According to Dr. Sam O. Egwu, the former commissioner of education Ebonyi State said that student performance in SSCE in the state is very poor.students and teachers perception of the causes of poor academic performance in secondary schools.The knowledge economics is useful for its own sake as a mental exercise, unlike other science.Examine the causes of truancy in Secondary Schools in Aba North. 3.

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A good measure of success in measured when teacher establishes rapport with his students.

An economics teacher should be able to teach competently all the topics (including the mathematical aspect) of the subject area.Kafuwa (1979) implies that the least qualified teacher expected to teach in our secondary school should possess at least NCE certificate.Therefore, for research lovers, it will provoke them to further carry out research in this and make bodies concerned with educational planning on how to improve the academic achievement of secondary school students.Factors Influencing the Academic Performance of School. and therefore poor academic performance,.These various definitions can partly be attributed on the fact that economics is a social science that studies an aspect of human behaviour.Strategies For Changing Socially Undesirable Classroom Behaviour In Secondary School According to Causton (1962) many mentioned that they found their career or studies as economics makers after school, were often handicapped.Teachers should make them available and use the appropriate teaching aids in teaching economics so that student would see what the teacher is teaching physically in the classroom.

If it is accepted then the teacher will find it difficult to manipulate the environment and its resources.Some students have the fear that economics is a difficult subject and loose interest in the learning of economics.Study habits in relation to academic performance of high school.



Cause or Effect: The Relationship Between Academic Achievement and.He maintained that for students to achieve these, they might be taught by suitable techniques or methods.The materials to be used in the class, how to teach his subject, what reaction expected of the students in the class, classroom management discipline and class evaluation.

Facilities could also be explained as the entire school plant such as blocks of classrooms, staffrooms, laboratories, workshops.Based on personal observation, students poor performance in economics are causes by students lack of interest in the subject, non qualified teacher, and lack of motivation.

Examine teachers factors as causes of poor academic performance of pupils in primary schools in.Exchange refers to giving out something in return for another thing.A situation where teacher fails to motivate the students there is likely to be a poor performance in the subject.

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In teaching of economics, it is the responsibility of a teacher to select and plan for the contents of the course he s to teach.Although, the study of economics is practical necessity and a moral obligation.He stated that, it is the responsibility of teacher to determine.It helps students to think critically and become effective member of the society.THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS WITH. poor performance that spawned the recent era of. of secondary school students with disabilities.