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As a matter of fact, any untoward change to these settings might result in repeated connection failures.This field may be left empty, for instance, in the case of contacts to whom you only send e-mails.Press the paper size guide on the right in order to push both paper size guides to the left or to the right.The display shows: TUE 02 APR 13:39 INSERT GAUGECARD Insert chip card (supplied with the toner cartridge) into the card reader ensuring that the chip is.Code 47 - Reception server disconnect The POP3 server for mail reception is disconnected.The list of accessories for the Fax Laser Pro 345 sms and Fax Laser Pro 343 sms range is subject to change without prior notice.

This navigator has 5 keys and allows you to move within the menus available on your machine.PAPER JAM INTERNAL TRAY Remove the jammed sheet from between the tray and the fusing unit.Manuals Brands SAGEM Manuals Fax Machine Fax Laser Pro 343 sms User manual SAGEM Fax Laser Pro 343 sms User Manual.SHARE PC You may choose to transfer your E-mails to a PC or use the fax as an E-mail printer.

If your subscriber has an Internet fax, he will receive a paper fax.Documents sent over the Internet are first memorised and sent at the time of Internet connection.Key to the diagram: A: Telephone line connector B: LAN connector (depending on model) C: USB port (option).The deposit a document into your MBX, the access code is not needed.The triggering of a programmed Internet connection depends on the standard settings of your machine.Hold it firmly with both hands and shake it in the directions shown by the arrows in the diagram below 4 - Holding the cartridge by its handle, slide it into the printer.

Dimensions: Width: 389 mm Depth: 460 mm Height: 390 mm (not including stacker).

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At any moment you may change the date and time on your fax machine.Reinstall the drum cartridge and the toner cartridge (refer to paragraph Replacing cartridges,.View and Download SAGEM Fax Laser Pro 343 sms user manual online.

Pull out the plastic tab and the shipping tape from the paper feed inlet.

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You search Content Auto service manual ebook pdf pdf ecu sagem s2017, If search results do not...Create and store documents in a presentation-neutral form that can be published in.Consumables To refer to the last page of this user manual for the references.Double-check to make sure that the location you select has the following characteristics.

If you wish to modify the document feed type, select one of the options.The fax does not detect the presence of your inserted document.Used cartridges should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations concerning waste materials.Caution - Do not add paper in the paper tray while the machine is printing.Your ISP will provide you with these parameters as soon as you are registered with them.Use the keys to select the subscriber record or subscribers list (L) you wish to delete and confirm with OK.Vip is a private mobile operator in Republic of Macedonia, member of Telekom Austria Group, which has more than 23 million satisfied customers in eight countries in.There are too many received unprinted documents or too many documents in the transmission line.Remove any stuck sheets as shown by the arrow depending on where the paper jam occurs.

PRINTER ERROR XX If the problem persists, contact your supplier.Fire or electrical shock can occur should water or liquid come into contact with the terminal.Incoming documents other than fax files (Word process file, CAD, etc.) may not be opened by your fax.WITH Create your directory on a PC in a file whose structure corresponds to that set out above.To avoid injury - do not touch. 2 - Remove the old toner cartridge.

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The economy period, via the telephone network (at off-peak hours), is preset by default from 7.00 pm to 7.30 am.All documents deposited in a MBX are added to the ones already present.