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The scheme is based on semiconductor optical amplifiers. We.Abstract A passive optical network based on orthogo-. suburban and rural areas and high optical power budget is.However, in the existing passive optical network standards, only a few standards such as: IEEE P802.3av (10G Ethernet Passive Optical Network) can provide more than 30 dB optical power budget categories, namely, PR30 and PRX30, as shown in Table 1.

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Knowledge Base. Search. GPON stands for Gigabit Passive Optical Networks.

However, there is no optical power budget categories adapting to passive optical networks with the large splitting ratio or long distance provided in the existing standards.In order to more centralize to use the existing optical device resources, it only needs to divide the optical power budget into multiple levels without performing pairs of the optical power budget of each dB, and then to relatively pair on these multiple levels.The Passive Optical Network (PON) is a point-to-multipoint fiber access technique, as shown in FIG. 1. The passive optical network comprises an Optical Line Terminal (OLT), an Optical Network Unit (ONU) and an Optical Distribution Network (ODN).

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For example: a scenario with a large splitting ratio might need two sets of PON systems to meet its needs, and a scenario with a long distance might need a long-distance box.The Optical Power Budget is based on a theoretical calculation, and is for reference only.All items are sold new and come with a full manufacture warranty.The optical power budget identifies how much attenuation can occur across a fiber span while still maintaining sufficient output power for the receiver.

Simple PON Power Meter 1310, 1490, 1550 nm, for FTTH service turn-up.The Optical Splitter merely divides the optical power into N.Preferably, the passive optical network system uses a Forward Error Control (FEC) technique.All of these devices can be found in the ITU-T G.984.2 and G987.2 standards.Optical power budget Certain aspects must be taken into account when calculating optical power total loss for an FTTx PON solution, like.

The power budget feasibilities, the optical path. division multiplexed passive optical.

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One important factor of network design, including various optical networks like DWDM and PON, is the optical power budget.The present invention proposes to meet the transmission requirements of the passive optical networks with a large splitting ratio or long distance by selecting the optical transmitter with large power and the optical receiver with high sensitivity.

A 2-day GPON training course including both GPON and XGPON 10 Gigabit systems.Several PON ports need to be combined to increase the efficiency of OLT port. power (optical power bias tolerance).PON means passive optic network, EPON is integrated with Ethernet technologies, and GEPON (Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network) is a Gigabit EPON.

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With this optical power budget level, 60 km 1:16 splitter does not need a long distance box, or 20 kilometers 1:512 splitting ratio can be obtained.In order to increase the efficiency and reduce errors, standard organizations such as the IEEE and ITU and so on formulate the relevant standards and define a plurality of optical power budgets, and fix the pairs, that is, when a user selects one optical power budget category, the optical transmitters and optical receivers required by the OLT and ONU are also fixed.However, although the ONUs would be doubled at each time when the splitting ratio increases, the optical link loss will correspondingly increase 3 dB.

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The optical input power is distributed uniformly across all output ports. In order to conserve the power budget of a PON system,.This paper calculates the optical power budget and power margin for designing a conventional passive optical network (PON)-based Fiber-To-the-Home (FTTH) a.When a user encounters a plurality of scenarios that need high optical power budgets, and since the relevant standards do not defines the high optical power budgets for scenarios, the users do not know how to pair.

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A method and a device for an optical power budget in a passive optical network are disclosed in the present invention, wherein said method includes.Besides, the sensitivity is related to the bit error rate as well as the Forward Error Control (FEC), therefore, for the optical power budgets in the present invention, the system of the present invention usually can use the FEC technique.The M value of the 1:2 N splitter having the best or minimum loss is generally less than 3 dB.The light power budget margin accounts for aging of the fiber, aging of the transmitter and receiver components.In the following, only the PRX30ext optical link loss budget is taken as example, and the PR30ext optical link loss budget is similar.For such a large optical power budget category, the core idea of finding the pair is to pair an optical transmitter with larger power with an optical receiver with high sensitivity.Therefore, in order to support the large splitting ratio and long distance passive optical networks, it needs to provide categories with the larger optical power budget and the relevant devices.